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As your starter, please read here the material prepared by American Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine http://ukraine.usembassy.gov/adoption.html

We want you to understand with the help of this website that our goal is to educate you as much as we can through further detailed personal email correspondence with you. Our guidance starts way before we see each other in Ukraine. We pray with you and talk to you daily, if needed.

The obvious advantage of independent Ukraine adoption is that there will be a direct contact between you and the National Adoption Center of Ukraine through us, your translators, empowered with the Power of Attorney from you. You will avoid unnecessary third party involvement choosing independent adoption through us. 

Who Do We Work With?

To start formal relationships with us is very simple and only a click away. We will not charge any application fees. However, to be eligible to enroll in this program, we would expect that you share our faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are aware of the fact that our families will have very diverse personal and religious backgrounds. Our purpose is rather to unite our common faith and love toward Jesus Christ and do everything we can to ensure that Ukrainian orphans will have a chance to get to know Jesus and how He had touched the hearts of their parents that they followed His call and came to Ukraine to make a difference for one child at a time.

Your adoption process could be divided into 4 stages:

1.       BCIS (Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services), former INS;

2.       Assembling documents for your Home study Social Worker;

3.       Compiling your Ukraine dossier for submission to the NAC in Kiev

4.       And actual adoption once you are already in Ukraine.


As receiving BCIS approval takes the longest time, we advise that you start your preparation by filing necessary BCIS, former INS, application forms and by submitting required documents to your regional BCIS office.

Social Worker

Once you located a Social Worker, you will be requested to submit certain documents for review. This effort is made toward helping your Social Worker complete a home study, a document that would summarize your as adoptive parents ability to rear adopted children. To objectively do this assessment, different Social Workers or Adoption Agencies require different sets of supportive documents, but usually it varies very slightly. Some States allow you to hire independent licensed social workers; some require that you work with/through an adoption agency. After your home study is completed and returned to you, it will also be forwarded to regional BCIS office.

Ukraine Dossier

While you prepare documents for your Social Worker, some of these documents will be duplicated for your dossier to be examined at the NAC in Kiev, Ukraine. We will send you samples that are preferred by the NAC for most of these documents. 

After you gather all required documents, you will have to have Apostilles applied by the Secretary of State Office. Then mail your dossier to Ukraine to us.

Effective February 2003, the National Adoption Center began requiring prospective adoptive parents who are approved for adoption of more than one child to submit a separate authenticated dossier for each child. The NAC alerts that the fact that prospective adoptive parents submit two or more authenticated dossiers does not guarantee that such parents will be able to adopt two or more children. Availability of children in the NAC database at the time of your interview will ultimately determine the number of children you will be referred to.

Once your dossier is in Ukraine, we will translate it, notarize it and submit it to the NAC for processing by the NAC. When your dossier is cleared, you will be assigned a registry number. At this point, you are actually eligible to adopt from Ukraine.

Arrival in Kiev and Adoption Process

The first time we see you in person will be in the Kiev airport when you finally arrive in Ukraine. We will stay with you to work the process for you until you finalize your adoption in Ukraine. 

We realize that for many US adopters there is no difference between a facilitator and a translator. There is a big difference though. Please read our Why Independent page carefully, familiarize yourself with the official information of the Embassy of Ukraine and the US Department of State . Read our FAQ page and hopefully this material will help you get a better understanding.

"In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps". (Prov. 16:9, NIV).


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Gorlovka 84642, Ukraine