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While we admit that international adoption is a costly thing, we believe that giving accurate information is a core to every family's satisfaction. Please remember, we are not adoption facilitators as there is simply no such a business in Ukraine. We charge our fees only for the translation process, which starts months before you actually come to Ukraine.

  No Extra Fees For Adopting More Than One Child

Have you ever wondered why you are charged extra for adopting second or more children at one trip? We do not charge per child. We will put our double effort into producing necessary paperwork for each of your children at no extra fee for you. In fact, we encourage you to consider and pray about adopting more than one child. Please do!

 No Consulting Fees, No Management Fees and No Application Fees

We volunteer our time, energy and knowledge to educate you on every step of your process and charge you no fee for that either. Therefore, our fees are reduced to a minimum.

3 Fee Options

We are proud to offer you flexibility in how you want to pay for our services. You may want to choose among our Hourly fees, Base or All-Inclusive fees. The total amounts of all three options would usually be about the same at the end. The choice is solely yours and while you are thinking what is best for your family’s budget, we will be very happy to provide you further specifics.

You will save several thousands of dollars by adopting with us independently. We estimate your total expense to be in the neighborhood of $US 16,000 – 18,000.


We are very flexible about our refund policy too. As Ukraine adoptions do not provide for pre-selection of children and cannot guarantee the availability of the desired children at the moment of travel to Ukraine, we, unlike many others, will charge only a small part off of our fees for the preparatory work we have already completed upon meeting you in Ukraine. If you determine that you did not “find” your children after meeting with your first NAC referral and decide to fly home without children, we will NOT charge anything extra to that small amount of fees paid upon your arrival. However, if you wish to continue searching the NAC database to receive more referrals or instruct us to start adopting someone from your first NAC referral, you will be responsible of paying the remaining immediately according to the payment option you selected.

We want you to always understand and remember though that the money you pay us does not provide for or take care of selecting and/or locating desired children before or after you come in Ukraine. Parents only must be directly involved in referral identifying process based on availability at the NAC upon arriving in Ukraine. We cannot give you guarantees about children's availability for money you pay us. In fact, no one can, as it is illegal in Ukraine. Therefore, we are not directly responsible for the identification, referral and placement of a child with families that hire our translation services.

"Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice". (Prov. 16:8, NIV)


St. Bessonova 33/206

Gorlovka 84642, Ukraine