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We realize that the more our web site visitors know about real adoptions done in the past, the more they know real names, the less mysterious and worrisome working through us will be. For that reason, we ask our families to talk to you about us. We believe God is refining us and humbling us so we can help more children while glorifying Him and honoring Him.

Reference 1:

     Hi, I'm Sharon. We highly admire Kostya. He is a wonderful Christian. We were in the Ukraine this time last year (April 2001). We adopted our daughter, Alanna Kristan Alexandria, age 15 months. Kostya was our gift from heaven. He helped us through hundreds of trials and tribulations before going to the Ukraine and while we were there 3 and half weeks. I would do it all over. Please have all your church family and friends put you on their prayer list. God opened every door that closed, and blessed us through Kostya. He would pray any time we asked. Sometimes, He prayed before we asked.
     My prayer is to tell our adoption story to anyone that will listen, through our story, one more family may wish to adopt a "treasure" from the Ukraine. God will bless you through Kostya. I can't say enough, how he was a blessing to us.
     God will answer your prayers, If you have a strong heart, the patience of Job, and if you have FAITH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NEVER NEVER ACCEPT THE ANSWER .......NO!!!!!!!!! Trust me, you will learn to hate that word. God will change the most impossible situations. He will turn all NOs to YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST KEEP YOUR FAITH. Most of all, what will help you more than anything else, forget about time...... take each day minute by minute, don't compare to schedules in America. Because there are NO SCHEDULES in the Ukraine.
God bless you,

Michael and Sharon Bodenhausen adopted a girl in April 2001.

Reference 2:

     In July 2001, with Kostya’s expert assistance, we adopted two beautiful children, Lucia and Sasha.  We found Kostya to be an amazing man of God, with a heart for orphaned children and a desire to find homes and a better life for them. Every step of the way through the process in Ukraine Kostya prayed with us for God’s hand to be on the officials, the children, and the process, and that His will would be done. Kostya has kept in touch with us since our adoption because he truly cares about the children and is interested in the progress they are making. In fact he sends birthday greetings to all of our children. In retrospect we would have skipped the step of using a US-based adoption agency altogether since Kostya does all the real work and has plenty of knowledge of what is needed in both the Ukraine and the US. Kostya should be a great help to you should you decide to hire him.

Jim and Rachelle Neal adopted a girl and a boy in July 2001

Reference 3:

     First, let me congratulate you on the decision to adopt a child from Ukraine. We work with abandoned children here and know firsthand the need for these children to have loving Christian homes.
     Second, I highly recommend Kostya as a translator and adoption assistant. I have known Kostya for several years and have worked with him in helping some of our friends adopt a little girl. Kostya is a Christian man who wants to help these children find good Christian homes. He will be honest in his dealings and most helpful to you while you are going through the process.

    Kostya and his wife Olga are also our friends, so I know him in settings other than just business. May God bless you as you begin the journey of adopting your child from Ukraine.

In Christ,

Kenny Payne, Missionary in Gorlovka, Ukraine. Click here to email

Reference 4:

     It's impossible to explain all the lives that have been touched through this adoption. God consistently opens new doors for us to talk about the process and share how we were only able to do this with strength only He can provide.
     It is very easy to live an uncommitted life here. Many people call themselves Christians by name but their lives show otherwise. That is the biggest thing God has taught me in Ukraine. God feels so much closer and so real for some reason.
     Stacey and I want to sincerely thank you, Ira Kaunova, for all your help and support in adopting Nadya. You made the whole process so much easier and you constantly helped us look to God when we lacked faith. The process is so intense and so scary for adoptive parents I want to encourage you to continue the work of facilitating. You are very talented. Being able to work with a sister in Christ made all the difference in the world! Your love for, and devotion to, God truly ministered to Stacey and I.

Eric and Stacey Roberts adopted a girl in August 2001.

Reference 5:  

     Kostya, thank you so much for taking such a good care of Dermot and myself. You made our trip so wonderful. We love our new daughter LENA so much. We will always take loving care of her, and Ira is “A STAR” and has A VERY big HEART. Thanks again.


Dermot and Sally O'Brien adopted a girl in October 2002.

Reference 6: 

     We adopted Anton, age 9, and Anastasia, age 7, with the help of Kostya and Ira. It was a great blessing to have people who share our faith by our sides each step of the way; through the pre-adoption process at home and while we were in Ukraine. Because of their knowledge of the process and their ability to work through it, we spent our time in Ukraine focusing our attention on the children and building our relationship with them. If God is pulling on your heart to adopt from Ukraine, we urge you to enlist the services of Kostya and Ira. In them, you will have a Christian brother and sister who care about you and the children you are adopting.

Gary and LaurieAnn Marks adopted a girl and a boy in December 2002

Reference 7: 

     We highly recommend Kostya and his associates in Ukraine. We felt at ease as soon as we got off the plane in Ukraine.  Kostya and Ira took a very good care of all of our needs. They were there to pray with us whenever we needed them and their constant prayers helped us through this experience.  They were both honest and kind while we were there. They shared their concerns and their hopes for our new child and us. We would not hesitate to return to Ukraine and use their services again. They are a blessing to those who are seeking God's plan for their lives and the lives of the wonderful children in Ukraine. Please feel free to contact us for further reference.  


Wendell and Denise Carroll adopted a boy in February 2003

Reference 8:

     We thank Kostya for helping us get our son. We had some struggles, both physically and spiritually during our process, but Kostya and the Lord helped us through them. Kostya was wonderful, especially on the spiritual end of things. He would suggest we pray before going out for the day, or if a challenge came up. He helped us find out where we could attend church, which was important to us. He invited us into his circle of friends, who are wonderful, spiritual people who were also praying for us. He was kind and understanding. I had a hard time handling some things there, and he was supportive and helpful. It was great to have someone who understood the power of prayer and divine help.  Thank you so much!

     Yes, there were bumps, but why should we have expected different?  Besides, it gave the Lord the chance to show us his power and love for us. You would be in good hands with him. May he bless you in all your righteous works.  I pray that he will bless you and your lovely wife and son.  Thanks again for all you did for us.


Ray and Lori Walker adopted a boy in September 2003


Reference 9:


     We adopted our two sons from Ukraine in October 2003 with the help of Konstantin Farkovets and his associates. Our experience was very positive and we are happy to give them an excellent reference. They were very friendly and professional in all their dealings with us. We were well supported through the paper work process before we traveled and well cared for during our entire time in Ukraine. They are honest and reliable and worked very hard to help us accomplish our adoption quickly and smoothly. We would love to answer any questions we can and hope that many more families will have the great experience that we did in adopting some wonderful children from Ukraine.

Clayton and Natasha Bingham adopted 2 boys in October 2003


Reference 10:


    Greetings from the Carolinas!

     We are Missy and Douglas Daffron and live in Durham, North Carolina. The purpose of this letter is to inform future and prospective adoptive parents of the wonderful facilitator, Ms. Ira Kaunova. We were introduced to Ira by way of a lady who has adopted children from the Ukraine and has now made it her mission to help Ukrainian orphans and others.  We had planned to do the adoption process on our own, as independents, and set off to find our future daughter in July of 2003. We went for our appointment at the National Adoption Center with a family friend that was helping us.  After a couple of days we were matched with a child from the Donetsk region.  Our story is long, like many others adoptive parents; yet I will shorten it.  After we fell in love with this girl, we get to the inspector and he informs us that the mother’s signature was not notarized when she released her rights and the child would not be available until Jan. 2004.  After much thought and another trip to the NAC to see what we could do, we chose to wait until Jan 2004.

     We asked many times about our paper work and if they would hold the child for us and then everyone said "no problem"!  We decided that we needed the help of someone who know the process and could hold our hand and walk us through the adoption process.  I phoned Ira 2 weeks before we left and after our phone conversation we knew she was the person for the job.  Ira is one of the most devout Christian people we have ever been blessed to meet.  Going way beyond the call of duty to get everything done as quickly and painless as possible.  She is so knowledgeable, caring and professional, I do not know what we would have done without her (probably come home empty handed or stayed 2 more months).  I did not have the pleasure to meet her partner Kostya, but I know that their teamwork and professional knowledge make them the best in their field!  We have had the privilege of traveling in Eastern Europe several times over the past 3 years and have grown very fond of Ukraine and their people yet when it comes to adopting a child from this country, it is very wise to be a part of this Christian Team!!




Doug and Missy Daffron, adopted a girl in January 2004


Reference 11:


    About Kostya, I cannot expound enough. He, and his partner Ira, are amazing! We met many adopting families during our stay in Ukraine (we had the unusual 30 day wait imposed and we stayed the entire time) and none of them had anyone working with them that could begin to compare with Kostya, he definitely exceeds everyone in the adoption community. He and Ira are truly upstanding Christian people and will do everything in their power to make your adoption experience go quickly, smoothly, and honestly. They go far above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to taking care of their adopting families. They will help you in every way possible, even shopping and cooking for you! They will even go to church with you if you desire. They are a wonderful team and work together, and with you, wonderfully. Unlike so many other facilitators we encountered, Kostya really gets involved with every aspect of the process. He does all of the work not only at the NAC and other official offices as well as the daily translating, errands, and even site seeing. When it comes to translating, they both seem to understand every aspect of adopting (other translators we saw, just didn't understand and seemed to be learning as they went). He and Ira speak English so well that not only do people sometimes mistake them for Americans, but also in a phone conversation I initially thought Ira was my mother-in-law! We truly loved the time we spend with each of them and hold them as lifelong friends who will always be a part of our adoptive family. You will be glad that you chose to use Ukraine Christian Adoptions. Not only will you save time and money by going with them but you will have a blessed adoption experience that you will always treasure.  Kostya and Ira, we love you guys! 

    Don't waste time looking elsewhere and don't go with an agency. Contact Kostya and get started!


Darren and Natasha Serotin, adopted a girl in July 2004

Reference 12 :

    We are so grateful to God for connecting us with Kostya.  We adopted four siblings at once.  We had no idea what God had in store for us, and are thrilled beyond words at the kindness of the Lord in giving us such perfect and wonderful creations.  Without Kostya's wisdom and insight things could have turned out so differently.  In God's wisdom and providence he connected us to Kostya and everything fell into place for us to "find" our babies.

    Making a decision to adopt is a big decision, and finding someone to trust to facilitate that adoption is a difficult task.  We heartily want to recommend Kostya to anyone considering adoption from Ukraine.  Ours was a complicated adoption, since we live abroad, yet Kostya was able to pull all the elements together to make the adoption happen.  He is very professional when it comes to the serious and legal aspects of adoption, but very friendly and personable during the down time.  We are happy that he is involved in a profession he so obviously enjoys and at which he is so evidently skilled.  We were very pleased with our interaction with Kostya and the service he provided, so without reservation we refer you to him and his team.

 Fikret and Darlene adopted in June 2005 

Reference 13:

    When we originally began our process of adoption, we did not know of or consider independent adoption.  We began with an agency, then moved on to a popular independent organization who helps prospective adoptive parents to gather and inspect their paperwork.  Soon into the process, we discovered that the word "expedite" as we defined it was not interpreted the same by those we were paying to help us.  Even after paying for the service we realized that if our adoption was to move forward we would need to find someone who shared our idea of speed.  Both of us were moved by the testimony of a couple whose small new child, upon learning to speak English asked them a heart wrenching question.  The child asked: "Mommy, if you loved me, why did you let me stay there so long?"  Driven by this question from a small child we finally found Kostya, who agreed with us that there was no need for delay.  Independent adoption with Kostya at, and on, our side made the difference and within eight weeks of accepting his service, we flew home with our daughter.  No adoption agency could have accomplished what Kostya and his team did for us.  The equally amazing part of the whole process was even with the expense we wasted on the other "expediter", we still saved thousands of dollars and a lot of time had we stayed with an agency.


Please visit our blog  


Jerry and Jennifer Moellenkamp adopted a girl in March 2006.

Reference 14:

    Hi Everyone! We are Landon and Tonya Kissack, proud parents of 5 beautiful children, the youngest being a beautiful little girl whom we adopted from Ukraine in Nov-Dec of 2006. We were in country for 4 weeks and we never hit a hurdle that wasn't cleared (with a lot of hard work on the part of our facilitators) in perfect timing, right down to our last minute rush for the train after gaining our daughter's passport! Our daughter, Lyra, was 22 months old at the time of her adoption. She is healthy, smart and an absolute delight to everyone who meets her. What a precious gift God added to our family in a most amazing way.  

    We worked with Kostya throughout our entire adoption process and words cannot express how highly his services are recommended by us. We were one of the families stuck in the transfer of authority from the NAC to the SDA so our process was especially long and we had to submit our dossier twice. Both times, Kostya went over our paperwork with a fine tooth comb, catching all errors BEFORE submission so that our dossier was never even questioned, much less rejected for paperwork errors or omissions. He went far above the call of duty for us many times, even to the point of tracking down, and paying for the release of, a set of documents lost by UPS. He was always ready with a prompt answer to any questions we had during the process and was a great encouragement along the way. By the time we got to Ukraine, we had a good friend there to meet us and help us through the process. The entire trip was a joy, not because everything ran smoothly, but because we had friends who prayed with us, laughed with us, calmed us down, took us sightseeing, answered our questions, asked us how we were holding up and trusted God to get us over the hurdles, all the while working professionally to the very best of their ability. We had the privilege of working with not only Kostya, but also with his assistants Vanya and Helen as well. Each one of them is a true gem that any Christian parent would value to have on their family building team.  

    Kostya and his team are truly workers as unto the Lord. Blessings as you pursue your newest family members!




Landon and Tonya Kissack adopted a girl in December 2006.

Reference 15:

     We had the great privilege and pleasure of using the services of Ukraine Christian Adoption in the summer of 2007 to adopt our son. We knew from the very first email with Kostya that he was very experienced and we were in great hands. He coached us through the Ukrainian adoption process with great expertise. He has a great eye for detail, and he carefully and thoroughly scrutinized all of our paperwork, which resulted in a smooth process for our family. We also knew that we could always contact him with any question (and there were many!) and he always responded promptly, and graciously explained the many aspects of the adoption process to us. He was always available to help with our paperwork, and to answer questions, no matter how small. Kostya always told us the truth about the process, and I know this is a quality that is not always easy to find in the adoption business. We started out with plans to use a Christian agency, but we began to feel that they weren't being completely forthcoming about the process, and we switched to independent adoption with Kostya. We are very glad that we did.

     We were blessed to have the opportunity to work with both Kostya and Vanya, and we can't say enough about their integrity, professionalism, and competence to get the job done. When you begin the adoption process you need to be prepared for some bumps in the road, but looking back, I can say that I wouldn't have changed a thing. We have many precious memories of our journey to Ukraine to adopt our son. These two men took exceptional care of us, and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that our needs were met. They are now dear friends of ours, and "uncles" to our children. We are incredibly grateful to Kostya and Vanya for everything they have done for us!




Matthew and Tamra Armstrong adopted a boy in August 2007.


Reference 16:


     We had so much fun getting to know the whole Farkovets family on our trip. They were so kind and so much fun to hang out with. The girls cried when Kostya left. All of us were very sad. We really enjoyed the time we spent in Ukraine and it was hard for all of us to say goodbye. Thank you so much for everything Kostya! Spending time with you and your family was like spending time with old friends. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for you three. You are doing such important work and we were so happy with all aspects of the job you did for us. You were an answer to our prayers.




Kevin and Krista Runge adopted 4 siblings in June 2008.


Reference 17:


     How many blogs, group messages and internet sites have I read? Hundreds. How many of those did the Lord use to bring my husband and I together on the adoption question? One. This one. No matter what I came across elsewhere, I kept coming back here. But let me tell you how we got here. We were seeking to adopt a US child through an agency when they presented the idea of adopting a 4 year old Ukrainian girl. She was in the agency's foster care after the parents disrupted the adoption upon arriving home. We fell in love with her and adopted her. Not knowing anything about Ukraine and their adoption process, I began to pour over all the internet in order to have some understanding of Ukraine and adoption at that time. Somehow, God led me to find Ukraine Christian Adoption and I was almost in disbelief. The care and concern with which Kostya described orphans in his country was very compelling. He believes in adoption and it is his ministry to assist in building families. After conversing with Ukraine Family Locators recommended on the site, we hired Ivan to research our daughter's background since we had not been to Ukraine ourselves. His assistance was professional even though it required some uncomfortable travel arrangements. Maybe hearing about all that made us have to see for ourselves! Two years later, we were no longer just reaping information, but we were holding airline tickets for Ukriane and our dossier was sitting at the SDA waiting on our arrival. Our adoption experience has come full circle now that we have been to Ukraine, done the whole Ukraine adoption thing and are now back home with a very lively 6 year old brother for our 8 year old daughter! If you just think the Lord might be leading you to adoption, do spend some time here, reading every word and click on everyone's blog links. It wasn't easy, but we did more than survive with Kostya and Ivan's help...we thrived. May the Lord be glorified!


Please visit our blog at


Kirby and Miriam Johnson adopted a boy in July 2008


Reference 18:


 When we knew that we were ready to begin our adoption process, people we trusted recommended Konstantin Farkovets of Ukraine Christian Adoption.  Now, 9 months later we are thankful to say that Kostya has not only been our trusted facilitator of a successful adoption, but continues now as our brother in Christ and dear friend.  He was patient to answer all our questions throughout the initial paperwork stage in a timely and detailed manner.  When it came time to submit, he "went to bat" for us, making multiple trips in order to see it through.  We watched others have their dossiers kicked out due to errors overlooked by their facilitators, but ours went right in.  By the time we traveled to Ukraine, we had complete trust in Kostya's ability and willingness to do whatever was needed to move our process along successfully and efficiently.  No one believed that a Ukraine adoption could be done in 30 days (and most of the time, it still can't) but ours did.  We attribute that to answered prayer, and to an awesome facilitator.  Both Kostya and his partner Vanya aided us in the business of adoption, and made us feel like welcome friends in their country.  As we prepared to head home, they showed the same patience with our new 5 year old daughter.  We recommend them without hesitation!


Read our story at

Eric and Michelle McConnell adopted a girl in December 2008


Reference 19:


     My husband and I adopted a 14 year old boy from Odessa.  Kostya helped us make certain that all of our documents were complete and exact before translated them for submission of our documents to the SDA.  He caught so many mistakes in our documents that we know there is no way our dossier would have been accepted without Kostya's guidance.  When we arrived in Kiev Vanya met us at the airport and helped us in every way possible through the rest of our adoption process.  He was a tool used by God to help change our lives.  Even when things looked like they were impossible and the officials were not cooperating with us, Vanya would tell us to call out our prayer warriors from home, we would pray and Vanya would go to work.  With God guiding his steps, Vanya would make contact with people who could help and would talk to the officials until eventually everything worked out so that we were able to bring our son home.  Throughout the process our son loved to talk with Vanya and get him to translate things we should know.  It was so nice to have someone we could talk to and our son would talk to.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate all that Vanya did for us.  He will forever be part of the family.

Vernon and Vicky Tygart, parents to Josh, adopted in 2009


Reference 20:


    I can't even begin to thank Kostya and Vanya for all they have done for our family. They both went above and beyond their job descriptions. They truly, truly care about these families and their children. Having a Christian team of godly men on our side meant so much to us. Anytime we were nervous about something, Kostya or Vanya would pray with us and they would remind us that God was in control over all of it. I was pregnant in Ukraine while we were adopting and Vanya took very good care of me. He was so considerate of my condition and concerned for my health. Vanya was our region translator so we spent a lot of time with him. He became part of our family and we miss the laughter and good times we had with him. He always made us feel at ease and we loved his sense of humor. It was wonderful having him around during some very stressful times. Before we traveled to Ukraine, Kostya was so helpful in helping us get our dossier together. His English was perfect and I always understood what he was asking me to do. He explained everything in detail and always responded to every question I had. We were so impressed with how much he helped us while we were on the other side of the world. We do not recommend anyone else for your Ukraine adoption. If you really want the best team, please contact Kostya and Vanya. You will not regret it.

JC and Ashley Fumia, adopted a boy in 2009


Reference 21:


       A note of reference from the Blaser family in Rhode Island for Kostya Farkovets and Vanya Litvinov --
After several years of prayer, we sensed God's clear leading to begin the process of adopting a young boy from Ukraine.  Reading the references from adoptive families on this website and checking the blogs almost made us wonder if the experience could really be that good.  Now that we are home with our eight-year-old Ukrainian son, who is our third child, we can look back at those references and blogs and realize that what we saw was definitely what we got.  Our initial contact with Kostya in March of 2010 was the first of many, many e-mails that were always thorough and honest in his responses to our many questions.  He was quick and thoughtful in his responses and, most importantly, Biblical in his understanding of the entire process.  As we completed the home study and then started to put the dossier together, his advice and painstaking double- and triple-checking were invaluable.  Even when we hit major road bumps in the possible completion of the adoption, which were so painful to consider, Kostya was encouraging while remaining completely realistic so we could be forthright with our family.  It was plain to us that God was granting us grace in giving us Kostya for this part of the process.  He was with us for our SDA appointment, when we first saw pictures of the boy who would become our son.  His calm, reassuring demeanor was exactly what we needed as the women in the office spoke back and forth in Russian to each other. 
Vanya took over for most of our in-country adventure.  This talented young guy's amazing language and people skills were as invaluable as were Kostya's tireless help in the previous twelve months of e-mail contact.  Not having had much contact with Vanya before we saw his smiling face at the airport, we were maybe slightly nervous about how this would all work, but any fears were gone by the end of that first day.  He had immediate, detailed answers for all of our questions; clear explanations for each little twist in the process; timely assistance via cell phone when he had to be home in Donetsk; and great recommendations for Ukrainian buffet food and pizza!  All of this was with a healthy sense of humor that was just the thing to relieve the uncertainties and waiting that are part of the whole process.  The week between Jennifer getting custody of our son and being able to return home was also made much easier with Vanya's sensitive attention to their needs, even making sure that he kept his distance just enough so our son did not grow too close to him.
All in all, anyone considering an adoption from Ukraine who wants to work with translators who put their faith in Christ and make His Word central to their practices should definitely get in touch with Kostya and Vanya.  We are also willing to answer any questions; you can e-mail us at or find us on Facebook... you can send us a message and ask to see our (friends-only) adoption update group, which we'd love to share with anyone considering working with Ukraine Christian Adoption.
Matthew and Jennifer Blaser (Rhode Island)
, March 2011

"A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold". (Prov. 22:1, NIV).


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Gorlovka 84642, Ukraine