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The truth about Ukraine is that there is no adoption agency participation required in the adoption process.  ALL adoptions in Ukraine are, in fact, independent. 


Let us explain.  There is absolutely no U.S. or Ukraine Adoption Agency allowed or licensed to operate in Ukraine according to Ukrainian laws. Any U.S. Adoption Agency that you may consider using for your adoption turns to us (or another local service similar to ours).  ADOPTION AGENCIES SIMPLY ARE NOT RECOGNIZED IN UKRAINE.  Although legitimate adoption agencies may (and do) assist with paperwork, their primary function, that of selecting orphans and then matching them with families is the responsibility, by law, of the State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child, (SDAPRC) of Ukraine.  “Then what do Adoption Agencies do for their fees?”  Good question.  The answer is that they assist Prospective Adoptive Parents in preparing the necessary paperwork that will be required both in the U.S. and in Ukraine.  All adoptive families, once they arrive in Ukraine, become independent.  They take the paperwork that has been prepared to a local translator who submits these documents to the State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child, known simply by its acronym - SDAPRC.  This local translator then works with you to complete the adoption.


Please note what American Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine comments in this regard: With the number of foreign adoptions in Ukraine growing, adoption facilitation has become a booming business in Ukraine. Under current Ukrainian law, no adoption agencies or agents can be officially licensed in Ukraine, i.e. no commercial intermediaries may take part in the process of adoption. http://ukraine.usembassy.gov/adoption.html


All an adoption agency can do is assist you through a process that some people perceive as mysterious and complicated with only a few, so called, “experts” having the knowledge to find their way through the maze of complicated bureaucracies and government regulations.  The truth is that since adoption agencies are not allowed to operate in Ukraine, they may only help you by supplying you with, and helping you fill out these forms.  They may further help their clients by recommending or locating an agency or social worker to perform your home study.  Then when all of the required steps have been completed, the assembled documents are then turned over to someone (like us) in Ukraine who will act as your translator.  At this point, all of the work will have been done by you, the prospective parents.  You will have paid the agency all of the fees incurred by the social worker (or agency), translator, and others in the chain with a hefty fee added on for the agency.


In other words, all an adoption agency can do is charge you a fee for helping you find someone qualified to do your home study, supply you with copies of all the necessary forms required by the U.S. government, and send these forms in for you (or most just tell you where to send them).  You are then passed off to a translator you may have never heard of in Ukraine, who is being paid indirectly by you.  Since you are not paying them directly, their primary obligation may not be to you, but to the agency that pays them.  Their main concern is often not you, or your adoption, but rather making the most money they can for the agency.  They may even help with other necessary further steps in the process, but most often, for additional fees.


The ironic thing is that we do all of these steps (and more) for you without added cost to you.  We can assist you with the knowledge and requirements for each step in the process.  We guide you on where and how to obtain the required documents.  We can even help by giving you guidelines necessary as you select the person or agency needed to do your home study.


Of all the necessary documents, the home study is by far the most important.  By using these guidelines, that we can supply you with on request, you may save not only money, but time and aggravation.  We give you these guidelines at no charge on how to select an agency or social worker who will have your interest at heart.  No family should live in fear of a social worker or agency that seems intent on bringing non-relevant material into a home study that might harm the chances of an adoption or cause embarrassment to the family.


In addition to home study guidelines, we will also instruct you on how to assemble the items you will need like birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other documents.    Additionally we will direct you how to have the documents Apostilled, a necessary process done by the Secretary of State where you live.  When the package is completed and you have paid our non refundable fee, we will have you fax it to us.  If, at that point, all of the paperwork is correct, we will have you FedEx it to us while we use the faxed copies to begin our translation work.  When your documents arrive we will then attach the translated copies to them, have them notarized locally, and then submit your completed dossier for clearance to the State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child, (SDAPRC).


A final word of caution:  Please beware of (so called) facilitators in Ukraine. These are the people who say they will allegedly mainstream your process in Ukraine. Very often many of them do not know enough English to communicate with you, yet they will profess their competence and skills by saying they “know someone somewhere". Take the time to visit the official web page of the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, DC and read Consular Information on Adoption of Children who are Citizens of Ukraine by Foreign Citizens "No person acting in an introductory or intermediary capacity is allowed to accept any kind of payment for having facilitated the adoption of a child". http://www.ukremb.com/consular/adoption.html


 When you, as prospective parents of an adopted Ukrainian child, understand that, in Ukraine, all adoptions are, in fact, independent, and that you will be doing almost all of the work anyway, we think you will come to the conclusion that it makes perfect sense to adopt independently and use us as your translators.  We are ready to provide you with all necessary information and sample forms.  We will also direct you to what documents are needed and where they may be obtained in the USA.  Next we will guide you on how to assemble all of the paperwork yourself.  We will guide you each step of the way and when your package is concluded, we will check it for completeness and accuracy.  We will then have it translated for you and send it to the SDAPRC for clearance, and then when approved, we will submit the proper paperwork asking for your appointment for the selection of your child.


 When you fly to Ukraine for your appointment we will be there at each step of the process to translate for you both written and verbal requirements.  We will be at your side from the time you visit the SPAPRC to select your child, and through every government office and orphanage as necessary to find and bring “your” child into your home and family.  We are Christian Independent Entrepreneurs - Registered Translators with more than six years of experience in helping families and orphans find each other.


Our Families Speak About Adopting Independently From Ukraine: 

    "When we originally began our process of adoption, we did not know of or consider independent adoption.  We began with an agency, then moved on to a popular independent organization who helps prospective adoptive parents to gather and inspect their paperwork.  Soon into the process, we discovered that the word "expedite" as we defined it was not interpreted the same by those we were paying to help us.  Even after paying for the service we realized that if our adoption was to move forward we would need to find someone who shared our idea of speed.  Both of us were moved by the testimony of a couple whose small new child, upon learning to speak English asked them a heart wrenching question.  The child asked: "Mommy, if you loved me, why did you let me stay there so long?"  Driven by this question from a small child we finally found Kostya, who agreed with us that there was no need for delay.  Independent adoption with Kostya at, and on, our side made the difference and within eight weeks of accepting his service, we flew home with our daughter.  No adoption agency could have accomplished what Kostya and his team did for us.  The equally amazing part of the whole process was even with the expense we wasted on the other "expediter", we still saved thousands of dollars and a lot of time had we stayed with an agency. Jerry and Jennifer Moellenkamp


        "Independent adoption is the best route to go since the US based adoption agency is really just a middle-man to locate reliable services in the Ukraine. The adopting couple, not the adoption agency, does most of the pre-travel legwork. The financial savings in not using a US agency can be as much as $25,000. We were thrilled with the caring service we received from Kostya, and have heartily recommended him to several couples since our adoption". Jim and Rachelle Neal

    "Ukraine is unique in that their laws advocate independent adoption. For those parents who desire a hands-on experience, we have found that the use of a competent Ukrainian translator and a U.S. social worker is all that is truly necessary to navigate through a Ukrainian adoption."Gary and LaurieAnn Marks


“Make plans by seeking advice...” (Prov. 20:18, NIV).


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