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As Christian couples consider adoption, there are some questions that come to their minds.  “Is this desire to adopt a child and share our home a call from God?” Next, they may question, “Of all the places in the world, what is it about Ukraine that draws us?”


To answer these questions, perhaps it is best to step back a minute and look at the whole picture.  The first question of how to determine the voice of God can only be answered in your prayer closet and on your knees.  If you think that buying a puppy will satisfy that longing, then obviously, adoption is not for you.  The second question, “why Ukraine?” is frequently coupled with yet a third - “how will we know him/her when we see ‘our’ child.”  Some people want a guarantee when they adopt – they are not willing to trust God to lead them to the right child.  In this case Ukraine may not be for them.  This is the real test of a Christian couple as they progress through the adoption process.  After praying and turning it over to God, they can then trust that, at the end of the journey, they will not just have a child, they will have THEIR child – the one intended for them to love and care for.  They can be at peace trusting that God will bring the right child into their lives. We encourage you to put your trust in His love, wisdom and power toward you. Proverbs 3:5 and 6 says if we "trust   in the Lord with all our heart, and lean not on our own understanding" but, "in all your ways acknowledge Him, He shall direct your paths."


Pre-selection of children is not allowed in Ukraine.  Only when you arrive in country will you select the child you feel God has led you to.  We, at Ukraine Christian Adoption, firmly believe that our call from God is to use our talents and experience to help our fellow-Christians find the child that God is directing them to.  The same Lord who placed this desire to adopt in your hearts is also working in us to fulfill his will.  He may be directing you to Ukraine for one very simple reason – your child is here.  Because this is His work, being performed through you and us, let us remain faithful, knowing that His plan is far better than any we might conceive. We will make every effort to serve faithfully by your side.


Because of poverty, alcoholism and drug abuse in Ukraine, Satan has claimed many lives including parents of small innocent children.  However, we believe the scripture that declares “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”  God is present and at work in Ukraine, perhaps even putting the desire into your heart to rescue one or more of these precious children.  The greatest blessing you may ever receive may be waiting for you in a Ukrainian orphanage.  If you still ask the question “Why Ukraine?” please feel free to ask us and we can put you in touch with adoptive parents we have helped to find “their” own child (ren).  Many of these parents have asked for t